Warranty Department

When needing a warranty claimed please contact our warranty department in advance so we can assist you with the paperwork to ensure there is no problem resolving your issues.

In case of a Recall or Service Bulletin Blue Bird will automatically mail the necessary instructions as to how to complete the job properly. Once the work has been completed please contact us for the forms or download them from below.

When placing an order with our parts department please make sure you ask for the following documents in order to expedite your claim. However, if you do not ask or receive the documents you are able to download them by clicking on the links below.

Parts Warranty

New vehicle warranty – Please contact Mary Myers to find out whether the bus and part are under warranty and to receive a replacement part along with return call tag and warranty paperwork. Please have body number and mileage available. Our fax number is (419) 225-5553.

New Purchased Part – Defective parts are warranted by the manufacturer for approximately for 12 months. Please contact our parts department to receive a replacement part along with a return call tag for shipping.

Warranty Documents

Warranty Questions

For any warranty questions please contact Mary.

We pride ourselves in our service after the sale.